Strictly speaking, Constanze Pusch‘s successful  and internationally-acclaimed career as the creative director of CoSTANZA.P started the moment she touched for the first time a garment made of cashmere.  Since then the fascination for the richness and sensuality of cashmere has never let her go. She got her experiences in fashion working with international brands.


A sophisticated and elegant woman. Selecting CoSTANZA.P means embracing a natural, contemporary and refined style. A sense of timeless beauty where simplicity and understatement unite. 


Her creative purity is revealed by a recognizable sporty and timeless design. Choosing the finest raw material and ensuring quality to each single piece means attention from the first step on. Craftmanship is an absolute asset in CoSTANZA.P. The Italian manufacture stands for innovation, design with a perfect balance of product quality and style. The company CoSTANZA.P invests in lowering the environmental impact of its working methods.


Almost all items are made with handknitting machines, or circular knitting needles from real professional women, between the ages of 68 and 80 years old, based in Tuscany and Puglia in small Italian Manufacturs. The yarn is the best cashmere in the world, from Biagioli Modesto and Lora Piana’s spinning mills. Every single step, knitting, washing, ironing and confectioning is in italian hands. Even all accessories used are from Italian companies and assembled in Italy.
There is no age or color, everybody can fall in love with a unique cashmere piece of CoSTANZA.P / collection.


Each collection of CoSTANZA.P carries it with the unconditional engagement to doing business in the most ethically-correct way, respecting laws, consumers, employees and nature.